Who We Are

Snyder Livestock Company


A family owned corporation located in the high desert of western Nevada. The Snyder family has been ranching in the Mason Valley area since the mid 1800’s. The portion of the ranch between Bridge Street and Goldfield Avenue of Yerington has been farmed by the Snyder family for over 100 years.

The Snyder family


With a rich Nevada-grown heritage in cattle ranching and crop production, the Snyders continue to honor family values while remaining relevant in an ever advancing world of technology. From branding irons to iPads, the Snyder family is a model for the progressive rancher.

Eddie Snyder


The 89 year old family patriarch continues to oversee the daily operations of the ranch. Eddie is the man to contact if you are interested in purchasing our quality alfalfa hay.

Jim Snyder


The eldest Snyder sibling is in charge of crop production. With his crew of experienced agricultural workers, he directs the production of the alfalfa, onions, garlic and other miscellaneous crops including vegetables marketed at local farmer’s markets.

"Snyder quality is as good as it gets in Nevada. Eddie really knows how to put up hay." - Jon Hill, Nevada Hay Growers Association (Retired)

Lucy Rechel


She has directed the feedlot operations since the late 1990s. Under her direction, Snyders have developed one of the most advanced bull tests in the western United States. Lucy is very active in the Nevada Beef Council promoting beef business across the state.

John Snyder


The company’s information technology guru, implementing and maintaining the company’s varied computer hardware and software systems. With the advances in agricultural technology, the demand for information technology experts is always increasing and essential to the success of Snyder’s operations.

Darby Snyder


Our Office Manager and resident mouser. Darby spends his mornings keeping the mouse population in the office at a minimum. Between belly rubs and back scratches, he can be found napping near the wood burning stove.


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