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At Snyder Livestock,we have been producing beef cattle for more than 50 years. Our roots in the livestock business started as a cow/calf operation. We now do feed efficiency testing, backgrounding, custom breeding, and more. We also have our annual bull sale on the second weekend in March. For more info about our sale, check the Bull Sale page, or click here.


Feed Efficiency Testing


In 2006 we installed a state of the art electronic feed measurement system by GrowSafe® that tracks the consumption of each individual animal to the mouthful. Radio ID tags inserted into the ears of the animals and individual feed bunks mounted on scales accurately calculate the amount of feed each animal consumes. This, coupled with individual animal weight gains give us feed efficiency numbers for each animal. The system also allows us to track the daily consumption of feed so we can watch for any irregularities which might indicate disease or other problem with a particular animal.


If you are interested in our feedlot operation, make sure to come visit us on your next trip to the Reno, Nevada area.


Alfalfa, Onions, Garlic, and more...


Alfalfa hay produced by Snyders sets a high standard for quality hay in the western Sierras. Some of our best hay is sold to neighboring dairies, while we utilize other grades for feeding cattle in our feedlot.


Onions grown in Northern Nevada are highly sought after. The local climate makes for a more durable winter onion. Whites, reds, yellows, and sweets thrive in the conditions of the Mason Valley. We've been in the onion business for decades, so you can bet we know a good onion when we see it.


We have now moved into the fresh, local produce market. Crops grown in our newly constructed "Hoop Houses" include carrots, beets, raspberries, and blackberries. We are also producing watermelon, cantaloupe, and potatoes For more info about our fresh vegetables visit Snyder Family Farms.


Kids' Day


We love our community, and we love to invest in the lives of young people! Every year Snyder Livestock Company hosts a field trip for Yerington Elementary School’s Kindergarten and Fourth Grade classes. The kids enjoy a hayride and get educated on how a feedlot operates while learning about the dietary needs of cattle. The highlight of their day is being served 100% Grade A ground beef patties, topped with melted cheese, nestled between two Ritz crackers See for yourself...

"The hamburgers were amazing too. I thought they were the best hamburgers I have ever tried!" - Your friend, Matt


"It was the funnest field trip I've ever had ever." - Sergio



"It was fun every bit and because it was the best day of my life." - Harmony



"... and the candy too! I couldn't stop eating it I even emptied out my pockets searching for more candy looking around scouting like a monkey." - Sarah Bush



"The name of my brand was The Cervantes Interview Broken Galaxy Ranch" - Valeria Cervantes



"Delicious, whoever cooked the patty's are awesome. you guys should drive a hamburger truck around because those are good!" - Thank you, Tator Nez


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