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A Brief History


Snyder Feedlot was built in 1969 and is managed by Lucy Rechel.  The 5000 head capacity facility has three distinct functions.  In fall and winter, Snyder backgrounds light calves.  The small feedlot and Lucy’s attention to detail is an ideal place to get bawling calves acclimated to feedlot life before they transition to the larger finishing feedlots.

Bull development is the second key component of Snyder’s feedlot operation.  Many California and Nevada seedstock producers trust Lucy to develop their bulls from weaner calves to yearlings or long yearlings ready to be sold to commercial cattlemen.  Data collection is a major component of bull development.  Monthly individual weights, yearling ultrasound, individual feed efficiency, and other data points are all measured at Snyder feedlot.  Services such as semen testing, ultrasounding, grooming, and hoof trimming are all available to customers and are done by outside professionals.  The annual bull test and sale was a natural addition to the bull development aspect of the business.



Snyders also develop and AI heifers.  Data is collected as it is with the bulls.  Additionally, we artificially inseminate the heifers per owner request.  Most heifers leave the feedlot when they are 14-15 months of age to rejoin their herdmates on pastures or native feed.

Snyders have incorporated technology in their feeding operation as they have in farming.  Lucy installed one of the first privately owned GrowSafe® systems in the Western United States.  This Canadian made equipment measures individual intake, allowing genetic selection for feed efficient animals.  An integrated computer system tracks everything from vaccinations and medications to feed events on the cattle in the yard.

Low stress handling is used in all cattle handling work.  Every employee in the feedlot maintains a current BQA certification.  A micro machine allows inclusion of special ingredients at a very accurate level to target specific animal needs.

Lucy takes a personal interest in the health and well being of every single animal in the lot.  She is more likely to be found cleaning a water trough or processing cattle at the chute than in her office.


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